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5 months ago
I hate myself this is disgusting
Noodles 5 months ago
Her "I think im gonna have to serve you guys noodles"

Him "i got a noodle for the both of ya"
Old men in porn 5 months ago
What a gay ass ponytail
Hmm 5 months ago
It’s always the guy with the ponytail
Damn. 5 months ago
Desires and addiction it all boils down to I doubt majority of us even liked this grotesque vid. But guess what the desire to feel that sensation you get when u cum is what lead us to finish during this vid. Some call it desires some call it addiction either way you look at it ; it makes u sit back and just say DAMN after it’s all done.
i fucking hate myself 5 months ago
i want to fucking die
5 months ago
Certified Penis Moment
Anonymous 5 months ago
WTF am I even watching
Bruh 5 months ago
Why doesn’t she keep some more food in the kitchen. Doesn’t she know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. SMH
I’ll take both girls please 5 months ago
The things I would do to them….