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Cassava, banana plantain chips making machines

Banana/ Plantain / Cassava Chips Production Line

We introduces a new revolution in frying technology for Circular / Rectangular Fryer require high heat requirements. It is a new batch fryer with a combination of Direct and Indirect heating gives you a more than 55% saving in Fuel and double the production capacity.

semi automatic cassava plantain banana chips line

semi automatic cassava plantain banana chips lineEnlarged View

Description of Semi Automatic cassava, plantain, and banana Chips Lines
Semi automatic banana chips line capacity: - 100 kg/hr products made by the line are

  • Nendran / Ethakai and other varieties of banana, plantain chips
  • Sweet Potato chips
  • Taro Chips
  • Cassava / tapioca Chips

Some of the main features of Semi automatic banana, cassava, plantain, taro, yams, sweet potato, potato chips line are.

  • Food safety
    • All contact materials and components are food grade to ensure food safety.
    • Oil filtration system prolongs cooking oil life time which promotes better product shelf life.
  • Consistency
    • Oil enters the fryer kettle through strategically places inlets to ensure even temperature across the fryer.
    • Fryer is automatically control to stabilize cooking oil temperature.
    • Cooking time is adjusted by controlling fryer’s conveyor speed.
  • Engineering excellence
    • Jas semi automatic cassava, plantain and banana chips line are made of high quality components and material to ensure endurance and high performance.
    • Semi automatic cassava, plantain and banana chips line are designed to work around the clock with minimum downtime.
    • Semi automatic cassava, plantain and banana chips line are comes in various sizes and configurations to meet different product and capacity requirements.
  • Easy maintenance
    • The hood, conveyors and paddles can be lifted to allow easy access for cleaning/maintenance.
    • For complete cleaning solution can be circulated through the entire system

Cassava, plantain and banana Slicer

Cassava, plantain and banana SlicerEnlarged View

Description of Cassava, plantain and banana Slicer
Hand peeled plantain, banana or cassava can be directly sliced in to an oil flume at the in-feed end of the fryer. Cassava, plantain and banana slicer, which can produce round, lengthwise chip or sticks.
Cassava, plantain and banana slicer is fabricated from non corrosive materials. The banana slicer is operated by an electric motor and power transmitted to the directly coupled with aluminum manual tuber feeder head. It is manually fed with one tuber at a time through the rotating feeding head. The whole tuber falls vertically as it is manually fed by the operator against the fixed tuber slicing die and become sliced. The thickness of the slices is predetermined by adjusting the gap of knife.

Continuous frying system with heat exchanger

Continuous frying system with heat exchangerFeatures of Continuous frying system
  • Complete system consists of frying section with paddles and sub merger belt, top hood, takeout belt, continuous oil filter, day oil tank and heat exchanger.
  • Make up oil is continuously added to the fryer to maintain optimum level.
  • The flow of oil ensures a linear flow of oil, which is necessary in order to have a uniform frying time for all the slices.
  • The equipment is designed to have a low oil holding capacity (450 liter) in order to achieve low oil turnover ratio.
  • Speed of both the belts can be varied by a variable frequency drive to adjust the frying time. Similarly flow of inlet oil can be regulated with valves.
  • The continuous oil filtration is carried out by a belt type filter, which keeps the frying oil clean and filtered particles are collected in a tray.
  • A stainless steel 304 made oil tank (600 liters) is placed with the fryer which can accommodate entire oil in the system.
  • After frying the chips are received by takeout belt.
  • The fryer is also suitable for potato sticks and banana chips.

Heat exchanger

Coil type seamless stainless steel tubes and mild steel shell instant response

Multi-layer insulation

Lightweight ceramic fiber insulation keeps casing temperatures low and does not deteriorate from age or thermal stress. Low residual heat capacity enhances temperature control and eliminates overheating of oil during unscheduled shutdowns.

Self-cleaning tubing

Completely self-draining, our all-welded stainless steel tube bundles stay clean of particle accumulations. Normal thermal expansion produces no stressing or buckling of the tubes, assuring years of reliable, trouble-free operation.
For cooling of oil a shell and tube heat exchanger will be provided along with fryer for better oil management.
The fryer comes with pneumatic auto lifting arrangement of conveying system for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Complete material of construction will be stainless steel 304.


  • Belts: -Stainless steel 304 500 mm width
  • Paddle motor: - Geared motor with variable frequency drive, 0 .5 HP
  • Sub merger motor: - Geared motor with variable frequency drive, 0 .5 HP
  • Takeout motor: - Geared motor with variable frequency drive, 0 .5 HP
  • Filter drive motor: - variable speed, 0.25 HP
  • Filter belt width : - 235 mm

Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.

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