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Vermicelli Making Machies

Vermicelli making Machinery

Atta Mixer which is used to mix powder or paste material evenly. The stuff contacting with the material is the stainless steel. The little inter-space between the oar and the machine makes it no mixing dead angle. The both sides of the stirring axis are airproof to prevent the material leaking. It is widely apply to the foodstuff industries.

Horizontal dough mixer

horizontal dough mixerEnlarged View

Vermicelli is an extruded instant food product basically made from wheat flour. Other flours like groundnut, soya bean or tapioca are also mixed with wheat flour to make it more nutritive. It is very well standardised and simple. Wheat and other flours in small quantity are mixed with around 25% to 30% of water in a mixer for about half an hour and dough is prepared. The paddles are positioned to move the material in opposing lateral directions as well as radically. The paddle design is generally employed where friable materials are being blended.

Constriction of atta mixer machine

Body: - the main body is made of heavy duty stainless steel / mild steel sheet, with top cover for easy opening and cleaning or for inspection. Every portion in the machine, which meets the international standard
Arms: - thick mild steel / stainless steel -machined plates mounted on main shaft.
Bearings:-best deep groove ball bearings in cast iron housing with suitable grease cups for lubrication.
Gears: - cast iron hob cut spur gear for long life.
Lubrication: - a bearing are provide with grease cup for lubrication thus its give long life of bearings and reduce fiction losses.

Available models of atta mixer machine

Model No Capacity Per Batch Required H.P (kW)
Jas-NFM-1015 10 to 15 Kg. 2 H.P. (1.5 kW)
Jas-NFM-3035 30 to 35 Kg. 3 H.P. (2.25 kW)

Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.

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