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We have a wide range of Hammer Mill's that are designed and manufactured to yield maximum efficiency to our clients. These machines are used for pulverizing, crushing and grinding different types of spices, vegetables, pigments, herbs and other food products. Available at competitive rates, these machines are known for their efficiency and durability.


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Hammer Mill

Techno Wings Hammer Mill (Screen type Machine) is more efficient. The grinding chamber consists of a serrated liner on top and screen at the bottom, At times due to higher oil content in spices, there are chances of the screen getting clogged with spices, thus chocking the grinding chamber. The material passes through the blower and gets discharged through the cyclone through a one way valve. The air generated in the grinding chamber passes out through the cyclone outlet on top. A Polyester dust bag can be fitted above the cyclone working like a dust collector, or we can offer you a totally enclosed dust collector (manually shaken type) or a pulse air type dust collector, the choice we however leave it to your kind decision. The attached illustrated catalog will also brief you about the type of machine manufactured by us.

Hammer Mill
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Our ranges of Techno wings brand hammer mills are available in various sizes. These hammer mill are recommended for powdering grains, chemicals, herbs, minerals, spices, cattle feed, chemicals, oil cake, tea, coffee, crude drugs, molding powder, dry soap, charcoal, etc. These hammer mill known for the different features of hammer mill include:

* Improved crushing efficiency thus Low Specific Power Consumption

* Minimized power consummations by the way of fiction lose.

* Low temperature Grinding.

* Easy starting.

* silent running.

* Dust free operations

* Robust Construction

* Durable Long Life

* Guaranteed Grinding Efficiency

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Key Features of Hammer Mill :

Standard Accessories of Hammer Mill

Extra Accessories of Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill's Operation

The materials to be ground into the crushing chamber of hammer mill from feed hopper by gravity or through an auto feeder (optional) the beaters / blades inside the crushing chamber accelerate the material to a very high speed to the toothed liner placed at the upper half of the crushing chamber. Shearing pulverizes the material. The ground materials continuously sucked by a centrifugal blower through screens placed at the bottom periphery of the crushing chamber and conveyed through a pipe into the cyclone dust collector for bagging. Excess air filtered through a cotton balloon. Particle size varied using screens with different size hole.

Construction of Hammer Mill

Hammer mill Made from heavy duty Mild Steel fabricated body. Grinding Chamber lined with serrated wear plates, which protects the body from wear and tear. Grinding done by a set of swinging blades or Hammers on a balanced rotor. A screen classifier forms the lower half of the grinding chamber. For Super Model Blower driven on a separate shaft with the help of a ‘V’ belt adjustable drive from the rotor shaft. For Standard / Economical model, the Rotor & Blower driven by single shaft there is Single Speed of rotor and blower.

Application of Hammer Mill

Hammer Mills are exclusively meant for the grinding of chillies, Coriander, Dry ginger, Black Pepper, Turmeric and Curry powders, on a large scale basis. These spices are ground in a two / three stage operation, depending on the fineness desired, i.e. The breaking of the Turmeric in a large hole screen for the first operation, and the subsequent fine grinding done in a fine hole screen for the second and third operation. We give here below production figures for the same.

Section View Of Hammer Mill

Sevtion View of Hammer mill

Model No. Chamber Size in Inch Width X Diameter Type Capacity Per/Hour HP Required
TW-48E 4" X 8" Economic 20-25 Kg. 2
TW-510E 5" X 10" Economic 30-35 Kg. 3
TW-612S 6" X 12" Super 50-55 Kg. 7.5
TW-612E 6" X 12" Economic 60-65 Kg. 5
TW-714S 7" X 14" Super 100-110 Kg. 10
TW-714E 7" X 14" Economic 70-75 Kg. 10
TW-1016S 10" X 16" Super 200-210 Kg. 20
TW-1020S 10" X 20" Super 250-275 Kg. 25
TW-1224S 12" X 24"


400-440 Kg. 40
TW-1326S 13" X 26" Super 800-880 Kg 50


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